مجموعة عائض بن دعجم

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Group History

Ayedh Bin Dejem Company has been established nationally and specialized in the transportation of (HFO 380, HFO 180, Asphalt), a fleet with over than 300 trucks to transport from Saudi Aramco stations to our customers (cement companies).

It was the long waits in Saudi Aramco stations, crisis, and difficulties which caused time wasting and canceling purchase orders that motivated the board to provide solutions to overcome these obstacles by:

  1. Establishing Saffania Navigation Limited (Shipping and sea transportation agent) consisting of multiple different sizes.
  2. Establishing Gulf Liquid Factory (storage of oil and asphalt). More than 20 storage tank has been built in king Fahad industrial port in Yanbu.
  3. The use of well-known software “SAP.”

The grace of almighty God, we succeeded in providing balanced solutions between Saudi Aramco and our customer needs, saving time and effort in fulfilling these needs using the most convenient and efficient means and this is the reason cement companies being raced to seek our services.

Chairman Ayedh Bin Dejem

Chairman Message

No doubt that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, to develop the present we must have a clear vision for the future, and that what Ayedh Bin Dejem Group has achieved by “the grace of almighty God” in being a leading group.
Based on this, Impossible is nothing for us as a group; with determination, persistence, and extensive scientific studies we overcome challenges and difficulties to find innovative solutions to reach our objectives and plans, to meet the growing needs of our customer, along the comprehensive renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
Our services are not limited to what we provide only, but also we are partners in prosperity and a source of growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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